Tuesday, January 13, 2009

3am - The Day After

The Day After (1983)
Starring: Jason Robards, Steve Guttenberg, John Lithgow
Genre: Disaster drama

Random observations:
- I haven't seen this made-for-TV movie in years. I saw it when it showed on TV here, and it must have been the mid to late 80s. I remember that the idea of nuclear holocaust freaked me out after seeing this as a kid.
- Jason Robards. He sure looks a lot older than he did in the classic Once Upon a Time in the West (1968).
- Jen's given up the fight and gone for a sleep. She lasted 19 hours - not a bad effort.
- Steve Guttenberg - a full year before Police Academy and two years before Cocoon. And there's Stephen Furst (Animal House). And the familiar faces just keep on coming - John Lithgow, the same year as the Twilight Zone movie, but a year before his classic turn as the preacher in Footloose.
- The bomb blast special effects are pretty hokey by today's standards, but still effective enough (especially the bit with people's skeletons showing before they're vaporised).

Overall comments: It's weird to watch this movie now, when the likelihood of nuclear holocaust is a lot more slim than it was in the early 80s. But while the events portrayed might not be too likely to happen, they're still a scary reminder of... what if. Don't expect any sort of uplifting message of hope - The Day After portrays the aftermath of nuclear attack in unflinching terms. I've gotta say I'm a bit depressed after watching it.

Up next: We finish up with some wacky Japanese splatter gore in Tokyo Gore Police!

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