Monday, January 12, 2009

11pm - Super Size Me

Super Size Me (2004)
Starring: Morgan Spurlock, Ronald McDonald
Genre: Documentary

Random observations:
- Alright, I'm wary of documentaries these days, mainly because of that shameless fucker Michael Moore and his propensity for twisting facts and figures to suit his agenda, but I'll go into this with an open mind.
- Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen... one of my favourite songs, and a perfect way to open any documentary about obesity.
- It's only early in the documentary, but damn I'm hungry for a Big Mac combo.
- After the guy's big McChunder out the window of his car? Not so hungry now.
- Midnight! 16 hours down, 8 to go!
- Damn, Spurlock's vegan girlfriend is annoying as all hell. Is it wrong to wish that Ronald McDonald, the Hamburglar and Grimace will show up and bludgeon the dumb bitch to death?

Overall comments: Okay, so a guy eats nothing but McDonald's for a month and puts on weight, becomes unhealthy and does harm to his organs. Well duh. Who wasn't expecting that? I'm yawning, and that's not just because it's after midnight. You know what's funny? The only thing this documentary did was made me hungry for a feed of Maccas. Oh well.

Up next: Short break, then Hellboy 2.

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