Thursday, October 13, 2011

31 Nights of Terror #8 - Dead Snow (2009)

Dead Snow (2009)
Director: Tommy Wirkola
Starring: A bunch of Norwegian people you won't have heard of
Format: DVD (Madman)

- A hot chick who knows about classic horror movies. I'm in love.
- It's been a good last few years for Norwegian horror. I really enjoyed last year's Trollhunter and have heard good things about this one.
- From the goofy menu music I was expecting this to be a comedy/horror but so far it's an effective little chiller with lots of suspense and jump scares.
- Isolation horror is one of my favourite sub-genres and you can't get much more isolated than deep in the Norwegian mountains.
- Zombies that slit throats? What the deuce?
- Norwegian death metal. Rowrrrr!
- The movie geek guy is wearing a Braindead t-shirt. New Zealand represent!
- Jesus, at least let the guy finish wiping before you get it on in the shithouse.
- Nazi zombies is a sub-genre that is vastly underutilised. I can only think of Shockwaves and this.
- And this just went from being a atmospheric scarefest to a blood and guts (or more specifically brains) gorefest.
- I've seen enough modern zombie movies to be able to tolerate running zombies (or zoombies as I like to call them), but zombies that use weapons? Blah.
- Look, it's Zombie Colonel Klink.
- And now zombies that can climb trees. Are there no rules anymore?
- The comedy has increased a lot since the zombies showed up, but without the overall vibe getting too silly.
- Never sneak up on a man in the middle of a killing spree.

Overall thoughts: Dead Snow is fun and entertaining, I'll give it that. The characters are likeable, the zombies pretty bad ass and the setting desolate and remote. After a slow, atmospheric build up the action kicks in and doesn't let up until the climax. A good mix of horror and comedy. And it has Nazi Zombies!

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