Sunday, October 30, 2011

31 Nights of Terror #22 - Otis (2008)

Otis (2008)
Director: Tony Krantz
Starring: Bostin Christopher, Ashley Johnson, Daniel Stern
Format: DVD (Warner Home Video)

- Fun opening scene. Let's just say Otis' reaction to his bad luck is hilarious.
- Heeeeello Ashley Johnson.
- Daniel Stern (Home Alone) and Illeana Douglas (Goodfellas) are funny as Riley's parents. Two great actors right there.
- Jimmy Kusnitz as the disturbed little brother. He of course was the lead actor in the movie that started this marathon, Dance of the Dead.
- Reason I feel okay ogling Ashley Johnson: She was 25 when this movie was made, despite playing a teenager.
- Reason I feel weird ogling Ashley Johnson: She played the youngest Seaver kid on the last few seasons of Growing Pains. Yup, the little kid.
- I'm digging the soundtrack. Talking Heads, Them (featuring Van Morrison), Flock of Seagulls.
- There are some great support actors - in particular Kevin Pollack and Jere Burns. Burns is hilarious as a bumbling cop.
- More great music. Quiet Riot! And now Blue Oyster Cult.
- Okay, this was meandering along as a mildly-funny black comedy. Now it's become Last House on the Left: The Comedy.

Overall thoughts: Otis is a horror-comedy that didn't have me laughing out loud too often but I enjoyed its sick and twisted humour. The most enjoyment comes from the interaction between the parents played by Daniel Stern and Illeana Douglas and their son, played by Jimmy Kusnitz. The situation they find themselves in while avenging their kidnapping of their daughter/sister, is really funny. The writing is mostly witty (some of the lines are groaners) and Otis is never too predictable.

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