Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What I Watched - May 12-18 2014

Note: I've decided to do weekly updates of all of the movies I watch. Any that don't get full reviews (either because they're not schlocky enough or because I don't deem a movie worth a full review) will have a short write-up of my overall feelings about that movie.

WHAT I WATCHED - May 12-18:

 The Way Way Back (2013) AVI
- Charming coming of age story that was originally going to be set in the 80s but the budget dictated it be set in contemporary times. Still has that 80s vibe. Interesting to see Steve Carrell playing an asshole. Sam Rockwell is just awesome in this as a middle-aged waterpark manager who refuses to grow up. Funny, feel-good but never corny. Excellent.

Batman: Gotham Knight (2008) Blu Ray
- Another one my son and I sat down to watch together. Six animated tales, each one by a different Japanese director. As a result the animation varies across the tales, and is the most "anime" of any Batman animation I've ever seen. The stories range from okay to very good, but none are outright bad. Definitely worth checking out for Batman fans.


 The Act of Killing (2012) AVI
- Bizarre documentary that allows former Indonesian death-squad leaders to talk about and re-enact their deeds any way they want, whether it's as a stage play or while dressed up as cowboys in the jungle. The content is hard to stomach at times and while less than 2 hours in length, it just felt so long. I was in the midst of battling a bad head cold when I watched this, so that didn't help. I didn't finish this one.

Death Valley (TV series, 2011) AVI
- I don't usually include what TV I watch, but since I watched an entire series in one sitting, I think it's worth mentioning. While I was sick with a nasty head cold I decided to check out this 2011 TV series that I downloaded a long time ago but never got around to watching. Taking the concept of Reno 911 and adding zombies, vampires and werewolves, I found this extremely funny. It's a shame they cancelled it after just one season.

 Hansel & Gretel (2013) Youtube
- See full review here.

 Demon Rage (1982) AmericanPopClassics
- See full review here.

 Paranormal Entity (2009) AVI
- See full review here.

 Princess of Mars (2009) AVI
- See full review here


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