Sunday, May 20, 2012

VHS collection update - May 18 2012

The first update of my VHS collection in six months shows all the tapes I've picked up over that time. Horror, comedy, TV, and lots and lots of cheesy action flicks!

In two parts...



Explosive Action said...

Oh I didn't realise this was you, mate! I commented in complete awe at your tape of SILK and MASTERBLASTER (both of which I really, really want to trade you something for!)

fletchanator said...

Hey mate, unfortunately the Silk tape is covered in the dreaded white stuff (it was like that when I got it). I ordinarily don't put ruined tapes up in my collection but liked that cover so much I made an exception for it.

I now have two copies of Masterblaster, so would be happy to trade one of them to you (I assume you're after the CBS/Fox one). Email me at and we'll talk some more.