Saturday, June 4, 2011

CORMANIA 2011 - Prelude

Last night Jen (my wife) and I drove an hour and a half to see a horror movie double feature (Jaws and the original Dawn of the Dead) at the Drive In, which was great. We've never really had Drive Ins here in New Zealand, so this was a rare opportunity, part of a week-long festival where the movies are projected onto the side of a building at a speedway. We got home at around 2am. I slept until about 10am and was feeling surprisingly chipper despite the disruption to my sleep patterns.

As start time approaches, Jen heads out to run some errands and pick up munchies, while I watch the first half-inning of the Red Sox-As game. My beloved Sawx give up four runs in that half inning, so I'm extremely glad to have an excuse not to watch the whole game.

Then it's time for a quick shower and I move my VCR from it's usual position to the home cinema, because a few of the Cormania movies are on my favourite format.

Speaking of the movies in this marathon, 4 of the 11 I have seen before, but it's been quite a few years for all of them. The rest are first time viewings.

On the snack front, I have assorted candy, chocolate and of course some popcorn. I also have celery and hummus for when I get over the sweet stuff, and my drink of choice is Lemon-Lime Gatorade (with a can or two of energy drink in reserve should I need them later).

And finally, a note about how this moviethon blog is going to work. I will be posting about each movie after I finish watching it, so it's almost real time. I won't be doing indepth reviews - expect a plot synopsis, random observations and my overall take on each flick.

Alright, let's get this bad boy started. Prepare to bask in the royal presence of the King of the Bs!

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