Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 17 - a twister wannabe and a thrill-less thriller

A couple of movies I've watched in the last few days that aren't worth a real review:

Tornado Valley (2009)
Director: Andrew C Erin
Format: TV

I caught this made-for-TV movie when it was on TV a couple of days ago. Essentially it's a weak rip off of Twister - its main character is a woman who lost a parent to a tornado, but in place of Helen Hunt we get former Dawson's Creek actress Meredith Monroe, this movie's biggest name star.

With a limited budget the twister effects aren't very good, but don't worry, you won't see them much anyway. For a movie about tornadoes there sure isn't many of them - most of the running time is taken up with women's channel-type melodrama. Very cheesy, and not in the good way.

Future Murder (2000)
Director: Andre Ovredal
Format: VHS

I got this in a bulk lot of about 50 VHS tapes I bought and spotted director Ovredal's name. A couple of weeks ago I watched his only other directorial effort, the fantastic Trollhunter (2010). Figuring it would be cool to see his freshman outing, I popped Future Murder into the ol' VCR.

I'm not sure how these two movies were directed by the same guy. Future Murder is a bland thriller which is predictable (you'll see the twist ending coming a mile away) and just not very interesting. The VHS box lists it as an independent film, and if it is, the overall look and acting aren't too bad for low budget, but the plot is by-the-numbers. Maybe worth a look if you're bored. Very bored.

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